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How to apply for parental responsibility without the help of a lawyer

Parental responsibility – what it is and how to get it.

22 March 2016

Legal Needs, Legal Capability and the Role of Public Legal Education

A Law for Life report analysing the findings of the 2010 and 2012 UK Civil and Social Justice Panel Survey.

8 December 2015

Assessing the information and training resource needs of tenants in the private rented sector

Law for Life has produced a short report assessing the legal information and training resources available for tenants in the private rented sector.

30 November 2015

How to avoid or deal with Benefit Sanctions

Our second free e-learning course aims to help users avoid being unnecessarily sanctioned and to help work out what to do if it does happen.

30 September 2015

New Resource for PLE Trainers

We are delighted to announce the publication of a free, new training resource focusing on the development of legal capability.

4 June 2015

Law in Children’s Lives

Our Chief Executive Lisa Wintersteiger is pleased to be providing advice and support to a research team at the University of Leicester that is seeking to find out more about children’s understanding of law in their everyday lives.

2 June 2015

Caught in the web – young people and the internet

In November Dr Catrina Denvir from the UCL Faculty of Law, launched our series of informal networking events with a presentation on her recent PhD research ‘Caught in the web- how young people resolve civil justice problems’.

18 December 2014

Meeting the information needs of litigants in person

The report ‘Meeting the information needs of litigants in person’, commissioned by the Civil Justice Council from Law for Life’s Advicenow team has now been published.

28 October 2014

Advicenow home page

Advicenow- our public legal information website

Advicenow is an independent website run by Law for Life. It provides accurate, up-to-date information on rights and the law.

7 October 2014

Help for people representing themselves in family proceedings

Law for Life’s Advicenow project has recently published two new action guides for litigants in person and their advisers

24 July 2014

Community Advice Champions

In partnership with innovative East London charity, Community Links, Law for Life has designed a “highly effective” Public Legal Education programme, and trained 22 local volunteers as Community Advice Champions to provide early intervention help.

1 July 2014

Phil Evans – Advicenow’s cartoonist

Phil Evans, cartoonist, died in March aged 68. He was best known for his political cartoons of the 70’s but was also cartoonist for our Advicenow website.

2 April 2014

Low Commission Report

The Low Commission report was published in January 2014.

14 February 2014

Better Information Handbook: Canadian edition

A second international edition of Advicenow’s Better Information Handbook has been published in Canada

5 November 2013

Pro bono PLE report published

The Attorney General’s domestic pro bono coordinating committee has today published the report of its public legal education (PLE) working group.

4 November 2013

Advicenow joins Law for Life

The Advicenow website and its staff have joined Law for Life. The trustees of the Advice Services Alliance and Law for Life reached agreement to transfer the project in June.

12 August 2013

Five fruit and veg a day : musings on public health education and PLE

Law for Life trustee, Amanda Finlay reflects the approach taken by health professions to promoting good health and asks whether a similar strategic approach should be applied to legal services.

21 February 2013

An example of good information

Better information needed at court

In court you’re on unfamiliar territory, it’s stressful, and you need clear guidance on procedures and clear instructions on how to fill in court forms. Surely you can expect clear and helpful guidance on how to proceed?

12 November 2012

The Triple Dividend: Thriving lives. Costing less. Contributing more. Introducing the ‘ready for everything’ agenda

An influential paper by the Early Action Task Force about how to develop a community ‘ready for everything’. Their recommendations favouring early intervention and enabling services resonate with the role of public education and the creation of legally capable citizens.

21 March 2012

Kim Economides

60 second interview with Professor Kim Economides

Professor Kim Economides, Director of the Legal Issues Centre, University of Otago, New Zealand. He came to New Zealand three years ago to head a new research centre dedicated to making the legal system more accessible.

15 March 2012

Information under threat

Myths and misconceptions about the law abound. People believe they have rights they don’t, but are unaware of the rights and obligations they actually have. The best advice is not to believe everything the man in the pub tells you: go and look it up.

18 February 2012

Access to justice for litigants in person (or self-represented litigants) report

A major report by the Civil Justice Council (CJC) recommends making the justice system fairer and simpler for people going to court without a lawyer.

12 February 2012

Michael Smyth CBE

60 second interview with Michael Smyth CBE

It is a wholly unoriginal thought, but I have for a long time believed that a contented society is more likely to be one in which there is a high level of awareness about law, and the rights and responsibilities that underpin the law.

10 December 2011

Developing a strategic approach to building legal capability in Scotland – June 2011

Over the past two years Consumer Focus Scotland has made significant steps in developing our understanding of public legal education. This seminar provided an opportunity for delegates from different sectors to contribute to the debate on building consumers’ legal capability.

17 September 2011

Law for Life: The Foundation for Public Legal Education Appeal

Founders of the new centre for public legal education (known now as ‘Law for Life: The Foundation for Public Legal Education’) opened an appeal in January 2011. Chair of the Public Legal Education Network (Plenet) and founding president of Law for Life, Sir Henry Brooke, and founding patron, Professor Dame Hazel Genn launched the appeal […]

16 July 2011

Development of public legal education in Scotland

The final report of the Scottish Civil Justice Advisory Group was published by Consumer Focus Scotland on 18th January 2011. This carefully thought out report, ‘Ensuring effective access to appropriate and affordable dispute resolution’ makes some radical recommendations to improve civil justice in Scotland.

12 June 2011

Sarah Dougherty

60 second interview with Sarah Dougherty

I have always loved languages and writing. I studied English literature before going into law. I practiced in a large law firm and later on my own. Then I went back to school to study journalism, and worked as a freelance journalist and translator. In 2009, I joined Éducaloi, a PLE organization in Montreal, Canada, where I create plain language legal information resources for the public.

30 April 2011

Streetlaw project wins award

BPP law students received an award from the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve QC MP for their Streetlaw Homeless Programme wining the Best Contribution by a team of student award in the LawWorks & Attorney General Student Awards 2011.

12 March 2011

Financial education for young people – new All Party Parliamentary Group

A new All Party Parliamentary Group for Financial education for young people was set up on 31st January. More than 120 MPs from all parties have joined together to call for the introduction of compulsory financial education in UK schools to ensure young people understand money, consuming and debt.

12 February 2011

Tony Thorpe

60 second interview with Tony Thorpe

Tony Thorpe is a freelance writer and consultant for the Citizenship Foundation and has written many of their most popular publications including ‘Understanding Citizenship’, Young Citizen’s Passport’ and ‘Your Rights and Responsibilities’.

24 January 2011

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