Are you working with people dealing with housing issues or facing homelessness in London?

We are excited to launch a new programme supporting community groups to work with residents of London dealing with precarious housing issues and homelessness.

Through the programme ‘Fighting precarious housing situations‘ we will support small-medium sized community groups working directly with people experiencing housing problems to:

  • understand key aspects of the law related to disrepairs, evictions and homelessness
  • build skills for dealing with private landlords and local authorities
  • strengthen alliances among key groups and actors

We will be focusing in particular on groups working with migrants, young people and individuals with complex needs as they are likely to experience additional hardships in securing decent housing.

The programme will include legal information resources, legal education workshops in 3 locations across London, as well as strategic forums bringing together community organisations, pro-bono legal professionals, housing activists and campaigners to tackle systemic housing issues.


If you’re interested in this programme please answer a few questions to help us make it relevant to you.


Published: 14 February 2019

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