Project tools

Law for Life is gathering examples of practitioner’s tools to support the PLE community and help develop effective public legal education.

PLE providers have often worked in isolation and there has been patchy and uneven development with few opportunities for project leaders to link up and share information. The PLEAS taskforce identified this as a problem in their 2007 report where they observed that the lack of knowledge of what others are doing or have done, of their successes and failures was a major obstacle to the improvement and growth of PLE.

Law for Life  is working towards remedying this by sharing information on good practice, spreading learning, building capacity and drawing the PLE community together. Practical tools include PLE principles and guidance published in 2010, guidance on how to provide information, classifying information and project evaluation.

You can find a selection of examples of PLE materials illustrating good practice in our PLE materials section.

Published: 18 April 2013

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