Canadian Retrospective (with link to podcast)

Canada has led the way in public legal education. Plenet is pleased to share with you an absorbing podcast about how PLE evolved in Canada over its 35 year history. A range of topics are covered including its radical origins and empowering possibilities.

The podcast is a recording of interviews between Richard Eppick (Fulbright Fellow) and two leading practitioners in the field: Carol McEown, who worked at the Legal Services Society of British Columbia, and Lois Gander QC, Founding Director of the Legal Resource Centre and Professor at the Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta.

Listen to the 40 minute podcast: Podcast featuring Carol McEown and Lois Gander (opens media player)

Link to PLE Theory and Practice blog

Is PLE about a more efficient justice system, a dispute prevention tool or a radical approach to open democracy ?

What do you think ? – we welcome your comments below…

Legal Resource Centre

The Legal Resource Centre is a charity working with the University of Alberta and is supported with funding from the Alberta Law Foundation. The Centre hosts the Access to Justice Network Canada (ACJNet) which has links to law-related information and educational resources on justice and legal issues of interest to Canadians.


On 1st January 2012, the Legal Resource Centre changed its operating name to the Centre for Public Legal Education of Alberta (CPLEA).

Published: 18 October 2016

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