Law for Life has registered for London Legal Walk 2018!

Law for Life’s staff are joining the 10K London legal walk to raise money to enable us to expand our work with foreign national and black, minority ethnic and refugee women in detention in partnership with Hibisicus Initiatives. Hibiscus Initiatives has a range of projects supporting foreign national and black, minority ethnic and refugee (BMER) women in custody, in detention and the community.

Last year, we used money raised from our Legal Walk to develop a public legal education programme to improve legal capability and access to justice for the clients of the Hibiscus Initiative Resettlement Hub. We delivered four consecutive training sessions which covered some of the basic legal concepts such as: the distinction between civil and criminal law, civil/criminal courts structure and important skills needed to deal with law-related problems. In addition, we addressed more specific issues which are relevant for this client group, such as roles of immigration solicitors and barristers, what is covered by legal aid in immigration cases, and gathering documents to build your own case.

Wow…this workshop was an eye opener to me, I learnt something new; thanks for organising it! – training participant

We would like to develop this work and deliver training for Hibiscus Initiatives’ clients in prisons and detention centres.

As a charity we are reliant on the generosity of those who fund us as well the goodwill of our volunteers.

Please donate as generously as you are able. Every penny you give will make a real contribution to the service we offer the public.

Our fundraising page is:

Published: 26 March 2018

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