A charity dedicated to ensuring that people have the knowledge, confidence and skills needed to deal with law-related issues

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About us

We are a charity working to equip ordinary people with the knowledge, confidence and skills that they need to deal effectively with everyday law-related issues. Find out more about us, the work that we do, and why we do it.

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What is PLE?

Public legal education (PLE) equips people with the knowledge, skills and the confidence needed to successfully resolve problems encountered in day to day life.

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Resources for you

Tools to support the PLE community and help develop effective public legal education. Includes written materials from simple fliers to more detailed self-help materials; increasingly PLE projects use audio and video to get their message across.

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Commission us

We can help any organisation keen to develop or improve its public legal education and information work. Whether you need help designing and delivering a training course, producing high quality information, or building the capacity to produce brilliant PLE projects within your own staff team.


Research and theory

Research and theory are two of the essentials of better PLE. Only by improving research, both theoretical and empirical, and growing the body of researchers interested in the subject, will PLE develop as a unique discipline.

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Projects showcase

Public legal education projects come in all shapes and sizes. They could be a campaign, an information pack, a training course, classroom teaching, a theatre production, a TV programme, a mentoring scheme, a website, or many other activities.


Evaluation is important for PLE projects. We need to know what works and we need to support our case that PLE is effective in equipping people to navigate the hazards of modern life.

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